Serving Humanity's

Highest Potential

Let UI Humanics help you launch your

purpose-driven business

We help purpose-driven individuals and teams launch successful purpose-driven businesses.  

How It Works

We help you launch or accelerate your purpose-driven endeavors.

One on one coaching.  Group workshops.  Technical and Business Consultations. 

  • Personalized For You

    We talk with you to determine your exact needs and meet you where you are at. This is not a cookie-cutter approach. One on One coaching, group classes and at-your-own-pace resources are available.

  • Outcome Oriented

    We want you to get results. It's not enough to just feel good, we help you get the outcomes and accomplishments your work deserves. 

  • Play with Purpose

    Profit is important, but Purpose is everything.  Social technologies like Holacracy and Integrative Decision Making help you stay away from power plays and keep you playing with purpose. 

  • Trust and Connection

    Trust is your most valuable asset.  Learn to build trust and connect with those you want to impact. 


These are some purpose-driven

projects that we support and nurture.

Creatrix Honey Hive


Intuitive Feminine Business Community for Women

Boys to Men NorCal


Nonprofit Mentorship Program for Boys

Refugia Rising

Intentional Land-based Business Communities

Who We Are

Trust is the foundation that relationships are built on.  This is who we are. 

Stephanie Almanzar

Desire Coach

Desire. Truth. Creation. Expression. Stephanie's mission is to help you stand powerfully in your truth and witness your vision come to life.

With a background as a certified nurse, Stephanie's training as a coach, community builder and healer is at your service. 

Stephanie enjoys spending time in nature, taking care of plants and animals, singing and dancing. 

Matt Davis

Mindset Coach & Technical Consultant

Truth. Power. Vision. Legacy.  Matt's mission is to help you embody your true authority in life and infuse power into your own message and mission. 


With a background including the US Air Force, professional computer programming and partnership with HolacracyOne, Matt brings you his training as a coach, entrepreneur and

technical expert. 

Matt enjoys making music, playing basketball and designing video games. He is a community builder and an involved

mentor of young men.



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