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Our Team

Matt Davis

Mindset Coach

Matt Davis is a mindset coach trained in neurolingusitic programming, hypnosis, mytho-poetic men's work, orgasmic meditation coaching and meditation. He has a tech, military and business background and has been facilitating conscious community for 6 years.  His specialty is helping people build the courage and the strategy to make breakthroughs in life. He has helped people start businesses, make their first sale, transition or leave relationships, ask for time off at work, negotiate promotions and more -  All through the power of shifting mindset.

He is an accomplished computer programmer and programming teacher, and has worked on multinational development teams ranging from the top secret intelligence world of the US Air Force and the Department of Defense to the purpose-driven business world of Holacracy.

"I felt my confidence to be a great man grow through working with Matt." 

Brave Legend Pietri, Relationship Coach, Alchemy of We

“My energy feels better than it ever has before. When I work with Matt I feel like I can access new parts of my brain.”

Michele Wellington, Wellness Coach

"Not only did I feel like a capable man, by the end of our sessions I felt like a f***ing superhero.”

Alex Miller, Graduate Student of Psychology

"I have worked with Matt for years. He helps people. He has a transformative presence.”

Thomas Vinson, Program Manager,

Zero Waste Network

Michele Wellington

Wellness Coach

Michele Wellington is a certified transformational coach and a facilitator of conscious communities. A seeker and practitioner of life, she helps people get unstuck while bringing precision and skill, raw truth, clean delivery, fierce loyalty and immense love to the people she works with.

Michele has a grounding presence and is skilled at leading you straight to the issues at hand, then helping you navigate through them to have clarity, direction and next steps. She is kind, supportive and patient, yet also firmly reflective, encouraging you past any distractions you have around your desire and purpose.

Stephanie Almanzar

Desire Coach

Stephanie is a Nurse, Desire Coach and practitioner of conscious dominance. She is a model of a woman who has been able to transform from a shy and timid girl, to a powerful and magnetic woman. A woman who is unwavering in her desire and is graciously receptive to receiving it. 


 Stephanie is as sharp as she is loving, strong as she is tender, wise as she is playful and rooted in the earth as she is in the spirit. Her presence embodies both light and dark. The up and the down. Levity and gravity. She has the ability to meet you in any location. She can encourage and call out the truth wanting to be revealed. She may do this with a loving knowing smile and other times it calls for a challenging yet honest curious question that allows an opening into the deeper parts of yourself to find your way back home. She is always willing to speak the truth in honor of deeper connection.