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Featured projects

These featured projects are cultivated by

UI Humanics. We provide coaching, tech support, marketing and energetic support to these projects because they are aligned with our purpose.  Would you like support with your project? 

"Living on Purpose.  Living with Power."

The PowerHouse Collective is a living experiment in group purpose and interpersonal power.  Residents of the PowerHouse are committed to personal growth and power amplification, skillful interactions (especially in conflict or during emotionally charged exchanges) and serving the local community through powerful business offerings.  The PowerHouse hosts growth workshops, orgasmic meditation gatherings (OM Days), growth coaching events and serves as a coworking space for members with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

"Crowdfunding collectibles game for musicians"

Bandstock is a digital collectibles game that helps musicians fund their music careers by connecting them directly with their fans.  People spend money on in-game purchases to collect and win digital tokens, cards and collectibles that can be exchanged for real-world perks. Backstage passes, t-shirts, CDs, posters, meet & greet with the band and more can be acquired by going to the show and collecting digital objects available at the venue.  Bandstock's mission is a world filled with musicians who can support themselves by providing fun and connective experiences to fans of live music. 

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"Bring your truth and connect."

Authentic Relating Games are a fun and unique way to experience deeper connections. This is a guided journey of interpersonal experience. We use safe, powerful, and interactive connection games to create a fun and honest vibe among participants. You can play and participate at any level you feel comfortable.

After a games night, people often tell us they entered a room full of strangers and left feeling like lifelong friends. All while having full permission to express boundaries and share their experiences.

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